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Precautions of TWS Chrome-free White Cattle Shoe Upper Manufacture


Currently, chrome tannage is still widely used in manufacture of cattle shoe upper, however, the presence of Cr2O3 can not totally meet people’s requirement of environmental protection. Otherwise, leather tanned with glutaraldehyde, organophosphorus, oxazolidine etc. may have weak light fastness and high formaldehyde content.


White cattle shoe upper tanned with Tingjiang TWS is chrome free and its formaldehyde content is up to the standard referred to relative regulations, and shows excellent light fastness and pure white color. TWS Chrome-free White Cattle Shoe Upper also shows good fullness, softness and tightness, with small area difference and high yield ratio.


The precautions of TWS Chrome-free White Cattle Shoe Upper manufacture are as follow:


1.  After shaving, the wet white should be well wetting back in order to open fibers, which is in favor of penetration of consequent chemicals. pH value should be controlled around 4.8.

2.  Before filling, certain dosage of retanning fatliquoring agents with lubricating effect should be added to help penetration of filling chemicals and avoid loose area. Tingjiang TWT5688 etc.

3.  Synthetic tanning agent with strong tanning effect shows good dehydration property, filling effect and fullness in wet white retanning, such as Tingjiang TJRET R7210、TJRET R772.

4.  Synthetic tanning agents should be added before acrylics, so as to dehydrate the wet white in advance and make the acrylics well penetrate.

5.  Retanning and fatliquoring can be conducted in the same bath. Fix with formic acid and pH value should be controlled around 3.6 to obtain better fixation of retanning agents and fatliquors, and also be in favor of the consequent aluminum retanning.

6.  Aluminum retanning after fatliquoring can effectively improve fullness and tightness of leather, reduce area difference, increase shrinkage temperature. Tingjiang TJTAN T7020 can be used.

7.  Chemicals with good light fastness and fixing ability should be used, such as Tingjiang TJRET R7210, TJRET R772, TWT7898, TWT9288, TJFAT F5193.


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