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Theory and Application of Finishing (4)


7. Polishing

Polishing by stone roller (should be maintained with neatsfoot oil), carpet polisher or sand paper will give leathers fine grain, help the film forming of chemicals and also improve the gloss of bottom coat.


8. Buffing and Impregnation

For the leathers with large area of grain defects, buffing machine can be applied to remove the damaged grain, then impregnation resins can be used. Vacuum and buffing will be applied after one day. All these can help achieve a smooth, even surface.


10. Buffing or Dry Shaving

Crusts used for Roller Coat should have uniform thickness, or it will be difficult to go through the Roller Coat Machine and form a even coat layer. So it is necessary to check the thickness before roller coat, if the crust is not uniform but not quite different, flesh side buffing can be applied, if the crust is with evident area difference, dry shaving can be applied. 

11. Flesh Side Sealing

There always are leather scraps attached on the flesh side of crust, especially after buffing. Such leather scraps easily attach on coats during finishing process, causing contamination. The problem can be solved by slightly spraying diluted medium soft or soft film forming resins on the flesh side of crust.

12. Scudding

Poor surface cleaning of crust will lead to poor uniformity and adhesion of coat, so scudding liquor should be used. Scudding not only can remove dirt on crust surface, but also can adjust surface charge and moisture content of crust, improving the penetration of finishing agents. 

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