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Theory and Application of Finishing (1)


Finishing is just like the dressing work for leather crusts, by a simple process to change the crust to be a high value-added artwork. However, it is important that the finishing coats on the crust should not easy to be removed (except some special requirement), because it is even with less value than unfinished crust.

To do well in finishing, you not only should be familiar with finishing chemicals, but also should know more about the crusts. Not all the crusts can be finished in the same way, just as different woman should has different dressing to show her own feature. So you have to know how to judge the feature of crust and how to treat it, than you will make it!

Preparation before finishing:


1. Grading, choosing and treatment:

--It should be buffed or embossed for crusts of Grade 3.

--For grain crust, impregnation should be done to improve tightness of the grain.

--If the strength of grain is not enough, binders which can increase adhesion of layer should be used in pretreatment.

--In aniline finishing, if the color of grain is not uniform, spray dyeing should be done to adapt the color before finishing.


2. Handle of crusts:

--The softness, handle and tone are the more similar with the product the better. Such as aniline leathers require even tone, polished leathers require proper heavy retanning and flat body.

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