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Development of human enterprise development

Merit, functional fitness of their energy, their talent, to fully stimulate each person's potential to promote the development of enterprises through the development of staff. Both, promote each other, and strive to achieve people-oriented, people and political various virtuous circle.


  Work together to create and share the results

Create social wealth is the reason Tingjiang new material saved, is a manifestation of individual employees value; Tingjiang new materials and staff together for a common goal of hard work; hard work after the results and glory, social highly recognized for Tingjiang new materials and staff; Tingjiang new material to share the results with employees, equal opportunity, and the "development industry who are" of the same strain.


  Social Responsibility

With "and love" as the core, creating a spiritual bond business, employees, between partners; culture is the soul of the organization system of shared values​​, sense of community, work style, as a way to standardize and miss the overall manifestation Pavilion river people "and with love" culture returned to the customer, to bring everyone around, so that everyone can feel the general harmony.